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i made… a planter

January 24, 2012

so… I decided I can cheat post things i made or grew in the past (and on my old blog) 😀

Here is one of my favorite things, a metal and wood planter made from a metal shelving fame given to me by a friend. Here’s how it started (ok, not quite how it started, originally it was fire engine red):

the rack

it sat all naked like this for nearly a year

Until with help from my Grumpy:

my Grumpy he would not let me play work with the power toy tools :/

We made it into this:

all framed innot bad huh?

It’s all filled in with cedar wood planks. Bottom first, then front and back walls, then the sides. The wood is not nailed or screwed to the frame at all, the pieces are wedged in and once the soil was put inside it further helps hold everything in place. We didn’t use any wood stain or oil finish to keep it organic. The wood is thick and cedar is rot resistant so it will last many many years.

After soil and plants were added:

planter with soil and plants

and several months later with fall plantings and a yard sale adornment:

So that’s my pretty planter that I tend to call the Utility Planter. She is not so pretty at the moment, right now I have lots of leafy greens and snap peas growing in it and I covered the whole thing with summer weight row cover to keep butterflies and their damned hungry caterpillars out!

Disclaimer: I love butterflies and caterpillars. I do not kill butterflies or caterpillar, I just don’t want them eating my salad first!

oh, and yes, the Felis catus helped:

Felis catus "paper weight"


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