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i’m still making a planter

February 8, 2012

One night last week I go to steal away a hour to work on the planter. Finished the other long side, this one will be the front.

the front

the front

Also, in case you ever hope you can just connect your nail gun to the compressor that’s been off for… five day, because it just must have enough pressure in it for a few little nails…

pneumatic nail guns need full power

pneumatic nail guns need full power

it doesn’t. Tried it. Just plug in the compressor and deal with the noise.

and again Felis catus was peeved that I played with noisy tools instead of worshiping her with my free time.

Then on Saturday I ran into my first big hiccup of the year. While cutting boards to become the planter sides and connect the front and back…. I knocked over one of the finished sides and it fell over and hit the big air compressor. On the pipe thing that comes out the front of the tank with the pressure gauge and regulator and the nozzle to attach pneumatic tools like the nail gun. And it sheared it right off and all the air came shooting out and it was very loud and scared the crap out of me. Luckily I hadn’t turned it on that day or it would have been worse.

uh oh

uh oh



So. Now I have to find someplace that can repair it because it just happens to be the compressor that my dad wants to sell. And I can’t use the nail gun because the pressure adjustment on the little compressor is stuck and currently set too low to power it. It actually looks like an easy repair, just need to remove both pieces of the male screwy connection, half from the tank and half from the attachment, and then weld a new one back on the tank. Unfortunately I don’t weld and Grumpy doesn’t weld. Only two people I know weld, one is in San Diego and other one is dad’s buddy… which means I have to go through dad to find out if he can fix it…. I’d rather find a shop that can do it for now so it can be fixed before I tell Grumpy about the big oopsie. I think this is the worst mistake I have ever made working in the garage :p

If anyone knows anyone in LA county that might be able to fix the compressor let me know please!

And yes, pallet planter is on hold for a bit… Now I have time to get tung oil and citrus solvent! Or work on the cabinet…

Feel free to flash forward to Phase 3 & Phase 4.

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