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i made… a meme shirt :)

February 14, 2012

Ok I needed a little ego boost to compensate for the never-ending pallet planter project so I turned to the T-shirt promised to miss Eminy. See girlfriend entered the Gold’s challenge and got this shirt Which she was genius enough to realize was begging for Challenge Accepted Guy. Which is where I come in, I am to put Challenge Accepted Guy on 🙂 Here’s how it went.


  • T-shirt
  • acrylic paints (white and the final color you want), I used Liquitex
  • fabric medium (paint additive), also Liquitex here
  • small paint brushes
  • something to use as a palette
  • light box
  • tape

the materials

the materials. the sketches up top are from a project which  Eminy modeled for me and I need to remember to give to her.


Step one – tape your Google image to a light box and slip it inside your T-shirt.

step one :)

step one 🙂


Beware the Felis catus, she is lurking nearby just waiting to leave her own paint prints all over your project…

Felis catus "lurker" is lurking

Felis catus "lurker" is lurking


Step two – mix fabric medium with white acrylic paint and a little water( (check fabric medium label for mix ratio) The fabric medium will help the paint stay flexible when dry. I used white so that the final color shows up well over it. Use a small brush and the mixed paint to trace the image onto the shirt. Don’t freak out when the fabric sucks the paint up and the outline comes out dimish, it’s normal. Just let that first outline dry all the way. Your own Felis catus will just barely restraint herself from reaching out and snatching your precious T-shirt from you (while you’re still looking).

step two drying

step two drying


Step three – after the first outline layer is dry go over it with the paint mix again. It should show up properly this time since it isn’t being soaked into the fabric any more. Make sure not to thin it with too much water. Let this layer dry through also. If you’re impatient (guilty) you can use a blow dryer to speed that up.

step three done

step three done


You can see Felis catus has not entirely given up hope she can foil my plans…

Step four – mix up your final paint color, don’t forget the fabric medium. Eminy wanted it to match the lettering on the shirt so I mixed the almost fluorescent yellow I had with a bit of light orange craft acrylic to get the proper goldish tone. Trace the image one more time and if you mixed the paint right it will need just one coat of color. Let it dry a bit before moving or hanging the shirt.

steop four complete!

steop four complete!


Felis catus resorted to playing dead in hopes I’d relax and leave the project alone with her… luckily her plan backfired and she actually fell asleep.

Step five – set the shirt somewhere safe. The paint needs to sit and cure for 24-48 hours (check the instructions on the fabric medium). After the cure time the paint needs to be heat set with an iron. In a couple days I’ll turn it inside out, set a thin towel over Challenge Accepted Guy and iron away.

my first meme shirt!

my first meme shirt!


And then I shall force myself to give it back to Eminy… mebe…

Just kidding! Can’t wait to get this back to you! Woman you are going to win that challenge and look oh so witty doing it 😉 And again, thanks for asking me to do this, you are a genius ❤

Gratuitous adorable Felis catus shot:

she maketh my heart go "aws"

she maketh my heart go "aws"

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One Comment
  1. elizabeth permalink

    Felis catus can’t haz meme shirt, ha ha ah! It is a most excellently done project.

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