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i’ve been making and growing…

February 28, 2012

Sorry no comprehensive summary of a single project today because well the Felis catus and I have been dabbling at many things and not completing so much :9 So a quick overview of the weekend includes:

a yummay dinner for my Grumpies

Oh, that avocado is from our tree. Currently picking most of them in preparation of an imminent pruning

many smoothies and juices (that’s my kale!)

notepad trying to make me smash the laptop by completely screwing up the next post on the Pallet Planter >_<

the Felis catus “delinquent” thieving time and attention by sneaking into a restricted 18″ wide sideyard

“but mudder, i iz observing the lizard population”

my first attempt at growing sprouts! broccoli sprouts to be exact, can u see the first ones?! 🙂

Incidentally, the first sprouts from my sowing the other day are starting to peek out – wheat and lemon grasses and the anuenue.

and taking moments to enjoy the flowers. it’s the imperfect blooms that steal my aws

So that’s mostly it. There were a couple pics I forgot to save, but you’ll see them in upcoming project posts.


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