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i’m making… a plan!

March 7, 2012

short story: much to do, many speed bumps.

So to keep my head from spinning with all the ideas fighting to get out… I’ve been trying to write down all the ideas so they’ll stop screaming at me. They’ll probably end up compiled as a Google Doc because then I can’t lose it and Felis catus can’t pee on it :p

aw crap, forgot to scoop her box this morning…

The list should also help me actually make progress in all my crazy projects, and prioritize stuff. And even set goals! With the beginnings of this list my goals from now until Sunday are:

  • clean off my window table in the workroom – I need a place to use my sewing machine that is NOT my nightstand! (yeah this has been a goal for months… but now I shared it so I have to do it :9)
  • make a sampler with my sewing machine – because I finally got it repaired and I need to re-learn how to use it
  • finish the draft stopper for the living room – I started sewing one by hand in December and got to a point where I got stuck because I didn’t really have a plan. I want to use it for at least a week before the warm weather returns damnit!
  • scrub clean the lightwell in the bathroom – there is a skylight in my bathroom that’s recessed like 4 feet through the ceiling to the roof above. It traps moisture and has super gross mildew. And peeling paint on the only pretty moulding in the entire house (WHY Dad WHY?!). And corners twelve feet up that harbor arachnids… it is time to tame this beast.
  • weigh 1 gallon of my home-mixed potting soil (wet) to I can calculate how heavy the pallet planter is going to be
  • buy casters for the pallet planter that will support it’s estimated full weight – because that thing is going to be impossible to move after it’s filled with soil unless it’s on wheels.
  • order the seeds I’ve been drooling on the catalogs for….

Ok some of those things have nothing to do with making or growing stuff… but they will eventually lead to me making and growing stuff! So on the list they are! Of course I hope to do much much more than just those 7 things, but those are the important things.

Time to cross fingers and paws that all goes according to plan….


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