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i worked on the plan…

March 13, 2012

Ok the plan was a good idea, I actually got most of it done. And many other things once I started feeling industrious πŸ™‚

First the seeds were ordered! Hoorah πŸ™‚ I order from a couple of favorites – Baker Creek and PineTree. I also ordered from a new-to-me source that mailed me a catalogue – Bountiful Gardens. And instead of ordering from Territorial Seed ($7.50 S&H just for seed packets?!) I found an Amazon retailer offering free S&H on orders over $6 (such an easy target!) who had several of the varieties I was going to get from Territorial. I ordered everything Friday and my seeds from Amazon arrived Monday! If I get good germination from their seed I’ll share the source πŸ™‚

The window table got cleaned up… I made no promises about the floor beneath it :9

Then I got to studying the manual for my sewing machine because I forgot about 70% of what I knew (which wasn’t much to start with). Felis catus was lurking again, trying to distract me from work :p No, fuzzy, no.

So the thing is… I left the sewing stuff till last minute and was rushing to finish within my Sunday deadline. It was 10pm on Sunday before I actually started threading the machine to make the sampler :/ I stopped about halfway through at 11pm because I didn’t want to bother the sleeping Grumpies. Also, I honestly never realized I had 8 different zig-zag settings and they took forever to go through!

The draft stopper went untouched. I DID work on it last night a little. By hand. The damn thing is too thick to fit under the presser foot of the machine! 😑 Pics of that next time. At least I have made a space for my sewing, future project involving the machine will be that much easier πŸ™‚

I scrubbed the lightwell and skylight – some. The Ickiness is stuck on tougher than I thought so there is not much difference. Also, peeling paint rained down on me and the sink :Z On a positive note – I did not encounter arachnids. To do this right I need to break out the tall ladder instead of standing on the sink. I also may end up ripping off the pretty, mouldy, flaking crown moulding and sanding the mildewed paint to get that crap gone. Phase 1 of repainting the bathroom is getting bumped up the priority list! Take the griminess visible in the next pic and multiply that by 20 and that’s about how awful it is:

The potting soil has been weighed and I have calculated an estimate for how much the pallet planter shall weigh.

So, I filled the bucket with 2 gallons of my potting soil (my special mix) to average the weight out a bit, and poured almost a quart of water in because at some point it shall rain and the soil will be very soaked and very heavy. The bucket itself is 2 pounds. Two soaking gallons of soil are then (17-2) 15 pounds, then one gallon is 7.5 pounds. All references I can find say there are 6.42 DRY gallons to a cubic foot, so my wet soil is 48.15 pounds per cubic foot. Notice I said DRY gallons. Most volume conversions use LIQUID gallons which is not the same as DRY gallons. My soil even when soaked is most definitely not a liquid. Moving on- The overall dimensions of my planter will be 4×2.5×2.5 feet = 25 cubic feet. 48.15 pounds/cu. ft. x 25 = 1,203.75 pounds. O.O my planter is going to be somewhat heavier than I thought… Now I’m planning on 4 casters, though I might use 6, so each caster would have to be able to support about 300 pounds (1,203/4). Am I figuring that right?

I have not bought the casters yet. I’m thinking of hitting the local Habitat for Humanity Restore for them and a couple other items.

So out of 7 goals I completed 3, got halfway through 2, and will do the other 2 during the week. Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

This weekend I also finally harvested from the compost bin, got another big bag of coir, mixed potting soil for the pallet planter, and did laundry. Other events kept me from doing more. Oh well, now there’s more post 9-5 daylight to do things outside!

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