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i’ve finished making the sides of the pallet planter

March 26, 2012

For previous posts on this project see Phase 1 & Phase 2

Ok, so this bit of progress was actually done over a month ago, I just didn’t get to writing about it :9 It also took me a couple weeks to get the guts up to keep working after I broke the big compressor. And I had to figure out how to increase the pressure on the little compressor for the nail gun. And actually..the build is now done. But you’re getting installments – *neener*

Anywho, so last you saw I’d constructed the long front and back sides of the planter. In the first long side built there were some pretty wide gaps between the wood, so I cut some thin planks and nailed them over the gaps on the inside.

Then I cut a bunch of boards to uniform length to make the short sides. I used some weird jigs my dad had in the back of the garage to prop up the front and back. Once those were balanced I started using the nail gun to attach the short boards to the vertical 2×4’s that hold up the long sides. Most of those boards were about ¾” thick because that’s mostly what I had left to use. I saved some thicker strong looking boards just over an inch thick to use at the top and bottom of the sides to make it stronger.

Problem was the nails in the gun were just right for the thin boards but too short for the thicker ones. I have a little tug on one and it fell right off :/

So, had to break out the power drill again and screw on all the 1x’s.

Finally she has four sides!

Sadly she then sat like this for over a month while other things were distracting me. At least the Felis catus made use of it… as a scratching toy.

Update: Flash forward to the finished project if you please 🙂

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