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i made a sampler

March 28, 2012

A sewing machine sampler that is. So a couple weeks ago I’d made it a priority to clean up a table in my workroom so I’d have a place to use my machine. Got that done and got my machine set up and started sewing.


The sampler is just a half yard of fabric folded in half onto which I started sewing a line that winds back and forth. The line shows what stitches I can make with ALL the setting on my machine. Previously I’d only used 3 of them.

So it stitched stitched stitched away while I just changed the stitch length and type of stitch. I ran each setting for an inch or two and made notes with a Sharpie. Later I will be able to use the sampler as a reference when I’m trying to figure out which setting to use.

It actually made me more confident with the machine. I decided to try button holes for the first time. And had the first big hiccup – the bobbin, she spit thread everywhere…

But got it untangled and finished up practice.

So I need more practice with button holes obviously. But now I can make them! 😀 And now I can start making things from my new sewing book! ❤

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