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i finally finished the pallet planter-

April 2, 2012

and dude am I happy that’s done! In case this is your first time seeing this project you can click these links to see previous posts: phase 1, phase 2, phase 3

Ok, so after the sides were put together I have to admit that I let it sit in its incomplete state for… well a few weeks while I was busy with other things.

Alright so the next step was putting some support across the bottom with the last few 2×4’s I had laying around. Luckily we’ve got wood clamps so I didn’t need to wait around for someone to hold the pieces and I could get the pilot holes drilled and then get the 3 ½ inch screws in. Yeah, maybe a little overboard there, but for some reason my biggest worry building this is that the bottom falls out. This was also when Grumpy showed me how to turn the power up on the power drill… thanks, Da. Can’t believe I never wondered why that dial was there…

Then the fun part.. casters! Because I know me. I can never leave well enough alone, pots are always getting moved around the back yard. I’m going to want to move this planter at some point and it’s going to be like dragging an anchor across the desert once it’s full unless there’s wheels. A few weeks ago I did a little calculating and turns out this baby could weight 1,200 pounds worse case scenario – like squash and tomatos and melons overfloweth from the plants and summer thunderstorms flood the soil kinda worse case. Ok, no, that would actually be pretty awesome. Anyway, it’s gotta be prepared just in case the kids come over and use it as a climbing toy so eight 175 lb. capacity casters are going on.

What’s really cool is you can see the ball bearings

And trying to put the casters on there was another hiccup. One of the supports on the bottom has a convex face. Which does not go so well with a flat swivel plate.

Used a jig saw to make two flatish places. Flatish because the blade wasn’t long enough to saw the full width of the 2x, and because of the other support near it I couldn’t get the jigsaw at it from the other side :p But flatish was much better and with the long screws it should be fine

And finally it has eight feets! I would like to than the John man for having patience while I insisted on getting ALL the casters on before cleaning up for dinner… and not getting worried when I started playing with the sharp toys 😀

So that was the work of Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning while it was still clear I raided the scrap wood pile and the stuff Grumpy has stashed by the garage to finish the bottom. Turned out I had to use the jigsaw again to make a couple pieces fit around the vertical supports.

A couple pieces were re-purposed from these fence boards. I give thanks to a crazy dog that really wanted out of his yard and his human who let me have the boards after we put up new ones 😀 I would had to go out to scavenge more lumber if I hadn’t had this donation.

And then I thank the Momma for nicely cutting up stuff going into the rag pile which also happened to be well sized for the planter. I tacked these on lightly to help keep soil from spilling out the little cracks in the sides. And it also has 1/4″ drain holes that may or may not be visible.

And la, it is done. And before it started raining too 😀 Well it’s nice to cross this off the to do list.

Oh and miss Felis catus has been making her decorating contribution why distressing the corners with her own bare claws. The little butt has been too fast to get a proper pic though :/

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