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i made… the fence a little prettier

June 22, 2012

Here’s something I got done back in April over two afternoons. I wanted to rearrange some of my larger containers and realized after I move them I wouldn’t be able to get to the fence behind them anymore, so I had better finally replace those termite-ridden boards now. They are pretty easy to find, a couple years back when Grumpy had me paint the fence but didn’t want to bother with fixing it I just painted all the worst ones white so I’d know which to go after first. Some of them later got another coat of color on top (because Grumpy said there was too much white, lol) but I made sure to let it show through a bit.

This fence is nearly 40 years old so despite the termite carnage it’s actually doing quite well! Cedar, it is (or was) all cedar, no nasty preservatives (ok until the technicolor paint job two years ago).

So I don’t have a full photo documentary on the process since this was a one-woman yob. But break out a crowbar and a hammer and you’ll figure it out :p On the bright side I am also lacking shocking photos of nasty little termite larvae trying to escape. Afterwards I had a lovely pile of really old boards which I cut into thirds w/the jigsaw so they’d fit in the trash bit. Luckily we don’t normally make so much trash and it all fit!

It seems the neighbor’s view wasn’t so purty either.

I could not find any 1×8 cedar pickets and so now we have a cedar and redwood fence 🙂

That’s the neighbor’s view of my work. I kinda like the contrasts… Of course the yob couldn’t be as simple as remove and replace, there had to be a couple special cuts needed:

Not so many monkey wrenches to slow me down this time. The day after putting the new boards on I picked up three “oops” reject paint at a home improvement paint center – two quarts and a sample pint for $7. One was an interior latex in lavender which for only $3 I was willing to test how long it will hold up outdoors. The other was an outdoor deck waterproofing paint (with primer I think) that boasts a 10 year life in a bright brick red. The sample paint was an interior sage green which I’m gonna use for something else.

And the final product:

I left a few of the particularly pretty grained boards unpainted. I love me some raw lumber. One bonus I discovered after painting is that some of the rough sawn pickets had quite a lovely pattern of blade marks on them.

Of course this was only one half of the fence and about 30-40% of the rotten boards. I will get the rest later in the summer when I move more things away from the fence so I can access the rest.

Am I the only one highly satisfied by cheap lumber and gaudy paint?

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