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i made a new list

June 25, 2012

A little motivation helps get things done, and a list is particularly helpful for this disorganized one :p So in no particular order (except for the first three, they have to in that order although I may do other things in between)

Summer Goals:

  • Move the Utility Planter next to the fence – so I can access the eaves!
  • Repaint under house eaves on south side – there’s some awful flaking going on
  • Move the Pallet Planter next to the house – after all the sanding and flaking and dripping paint is taken care of 🙂
  • Install soffit vents on the garage – it used to have ventilation until the Grumpy had the eaves boarded over because of fire hazard concerns, now it is a stuffy humid place in the summers :/
  • Finish replacing rotten/termite ridden fence pickets – see this post for the first phase of this
  • Create some soaker hose irrigation setup in the front flower beds – ordered a kit on sale w/free shipping, this should be started soon!
  • Build a rain barrel! – I want it prepared in time for our rainy season!
  • Finish sewing the beach cover-ups – this has been hanging over my head since the end of April…
  • Plant up the desolate flower bed and side yard at the rental – you’ll learn soon
  • Install a shelf in my bedroom – this will clear up a lot of storage space in my workroom and add some visual interest in my room 🙂
  • Replace a bathroom cabinet with shelves – I am so sick of that cabinet, it just makes it easier for me to stash away crap I don’t need.
  • Repaint a cabinet – I got one I love at the thrift shop back in February I think that is a hideous yellow but wonderful design.
  • Get my fall crops going – yes, this must be started in summer!
  • Move the loooooong storage shelves in the backyard into the garage – they can replace the multiple random little storage cabinet Grumpy has and better organize the garage (and free up valuable garden space por yo… mwuahahaha)

There. I have revealed it to the world, there’s no turning back. I must complete at least several of these or I will have shame and dishonor for eternity! Ok, I would get over it in like a week, but still. This is official permission to the world to pester me about actually doing these things 😉 (ok, actually it’s a request, I love some moral support!)


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