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i got praise! ;)

Oh so here’s little confession for those who don’t know – I’ve got an little fangirl spirit for Gargoyles.

I just fell in love with that show as a kid and it never went away ❀

So that show came out in ’94 and I was a fan starting from early ’95 (commercials made it look like a boring good-guy-fights-bad-guy-EVERY-week show for boys, so I avoided it until one day… it is SO much more) and flash forward a decade or so and I finally found the online fandom (the fangirl, it’s leaking out!) and my favorite fanfic writer – KT. Her stories are great, the original characters she created in the Gargoyle word are fascinating, and to boot she gives great physical descriptions of them….

…ah descriptions. It was not enough that I liked her stories and characters, once I got a hold of the detailed descriptions I wanted to draw them so I could SEE them too. So I did. Not all of them by far, but several, and one day I still want to do every single one. Someday.

Anyway, what the heezy and I posting for? Recently KT asked me for links to the drawings and sketches I did so she can link them to her online forums (!) so I made sure everything I had scanned was uploaded to my DA account for her. Today I checked my DA messages and found comments from her on a few of the rough sketches. On Cassius:

“Maybe it’s because I’m no spring chick myself anymore, but I love that you felt inspired to draw a gargoyle in the equivalent to his fifties; definitely well past his prime, as evidenced by the lines of aging, but still plenty tough.”

And on my line art for Ursula:

“I think this is my favorite of all your black-and-white, line-art depictions of my OC’s. Ursula’s face unmistakably shows aging, the superficial beauty of youth faded, but the more important beauty of spirit showing through.”

For me those words are like an Oscar, I seriously almost teared up at my desk.

Ok, that is all. Just sharing my moment of fangirl joy!


p.s. if you know Gargoyles and you’re curious about KTs fanfic, I urge you to go read it. Warning, you may lose track of countless hours….

p.p.s. KT please please PLEASE continue posting “And On, and On…”! i’m a Life Goes On junkie and I will still need a fix from time to time!


i made a new list

A little motivation helps get things done, and a list is particularly helpful for this disorganized one :p So in no particular order (except for the first three, they have to in that order although I may do other things in between)

Summer Goals:

  • Move the Utility Planter next to the fence – so I can access the eaves!
  • Repaint under house eaves on south side – there’s some awful flaking going on
  • Move the Pallet Planter next to the house – after all the sanding and flaking and dripping paint is taken care of πŸ™‚
  • Install soffit vents on the garage – it used to have ventilation until the Grumpy had the eaves boarded over because of fire hazard concerns, now it is a stuffy humid place in the summers :/
  • Finish replacing rotten/termite ridden fence pickets – see this post for the first phase of this
  • Create some soaker hose irrigation setup in the front flower beds – ordered a kit on sale w/free shipping, this should be started soon!
  • Build a rain barrel! – I want it prepared in time for our rainy season!
  • Finish sewing the beach cover-ups – this has been hanging over my head since the end of April…
  • Plant up the desolate flower bed and side yard at the rental – you’ll learn soon
  • Install a shelf in my bedroom – this will clear up a lot of storage space in my workroom and add some visual interest in my room πŸ™‚
  • Replace a bathroom cabinet with shelves – I am so sick of that cabinet, it just makes it easier for me to stash away crap I don’t need.
  • Repaint a cabinet – I got one I love at the thrift shop back in February I think that is a hideous yellow but wonderful design.
  • Get my fall crops going – yes, this must be started in summer!
  • Move the loooooong storage shelves in the backyard into the garage – they can replace the multiple random little storage cabinet Grumpy has and better organize the garage (and free up valuable garden space por yo… mwuahahaha)

There. I have revealed it to the world, there’s no turning back. I must complete at least several of these or I will have shame and dishonor for eternity! Ok, I would get over it in like a week, but still. This is official permission to the world to pester me about actually doing these things πŸ˜‰ (ok, actually it’s a request, I love some moral support!)

i made… the fence a little prettier

Here’s something I got done back in April over two afternoons. I wanted to rearrange some of my larger containers and realized after I move them I wouldn’t be able to get to the fence behind them anymore, so I had better finally replace those termite-ridden boards now. They are pretty easy to find, a couple years back when Grumpy had me paint the fence but didn’t want to bother with fixing it I just painted all the worst ones white so I’d know which to go after first. Some of them later got another coat of color on top (because Grumpy said there was too much white, lol) but I made sure to let it show through a bit.

This fence is nearly 40 years old so despite the termite carnage it’s actually doing quite well! Cedar, it is (or was) all cedar, no nasty preservatives (ok until the technicolor paint job two years ago).

So I don’t have a full photo documentary on the process since this was a one-woman yob. But break out a crowbar and a hammer and you’ll figure it out :p On the bright side I am also lacking shocking photos of nasty little termite larvae trying to escape. Afterwards I had a lovely pile of really old boards which I cut into thirds w/the jigsaw so they’d fit in the trash bit. Luckily we don’t normally make so much trash and it all fit!

It seems the neighbor’s view wasn’t so purty either.

I could not find any 1×8 cedar pickets and so now we have a cedar and redwood fence πŸ™‚

That’s the neighbor’s view of my work. I kinda like the contrasts… Of course the yob couldn’t be as simple as remove and replace, there had to be a couple special cuts needed:

Not so many monkey wrenches to slow me down this time. The day after putting the new boards on I picked up three “oops” reject paint at a home improvement paint center – two quarts and a sample pint for $7. One was an interior latex in lavender which for only $3 I was willing to test how long it will hold up outdoors. The other was an outdoor deck waterproofing paint (with primer I think) that boasts a 10 year life in a bright brick red. The sample paint was an interior sage green which I’m gonna use for something else.

And the final product:

I left a few of the particularly pretty grained boards unpainted. I love me some raw lumber. One bonus I discovered after painting is that some of the rough sawn pickets had quite a lovely pattern of blade marks on them.

Of course this was only one half of the fence and about 30-40% of the rotten boards. I will get the rest later in the summer when I move more things away from the fence so I can access the rest.

Am I the only one highly satisfied by cheap lumber and gaudy paint?

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